About Us

ChainChamps is a marketplace for finding the best deals on NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) while giving you a live feed of NFTs being listed for sale. We currently deal in a number of collections on the EOSIO blockchain (using the WAX cryptocurrency), and are constantly adding new collections as they are released. We plan to continue expanding into new blockchains and collections in the future.

ChainChamps analyzes listings and sales to estimate the values of NFTs to help you spot the best deals quickly. This, paired with our live feed of listings, gives you the best chance of grabbing the best deals before they are gone.

Currently, ChainChamps supports buying NFTs, but we have plans to include the ability to sell your NFTs in the near future. This will make ChainChamps a one stop marketplace for everything relating to buying and selling WAX NFTs, finding great deals, browsing your collection and more, all in a live format.