Looking to start your very own PFP project? If you don't know how, or you just want to make your life easier - you've come to the right place! Welcome to the free, easy to use, web based PFP maker.

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Create your own NFT collection.

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Totally FREE!

The PFP maker is completely free to use, create as many projects as you'd like.

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Rarer traits make for more interesting projects.

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It's still free!

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Built for artists and NFT creators.

Our PFP maker provides a simple to use interface, designed to let novice and professional easily jump into creating their 1st or 50th PFP project.

Make your project your own, create layers, upload traits, set rarities - preview your progress every step of the way. When your project is complete, you can easily export everything you've made, or use the Chain Champs creator tools to help you quickly and easily mint your NFTs to WAX!

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What is a PFP Maker?

Let's start by defining what a PFP is. In short, the term PFP is an abbreviation for "Profile Picture". In the context of NFTs, defining a PFP is a little more complicated.

Generally the term refers to unique one of a kind art that may serve as a profile picture or avatar. Sometimes these pieces are created by hand, more commonly they're created in a generative manner.

This is done by creating layers that define traits of the PFPs you're creating. Some examples of layers would be:
  • Background
  • Body
  • Mouth
  • Eyes
  • Accessories
These layers define different aspects of a PFP, within these layers you'll see a variety of creative choices. Those come in the form of traits. Let's use 'Eyes' as an example, traits for this layer could be 'blue eyes', 'brown eyes', 'hazel eyes', etc. Randomizing traits on every layer leads to the uniqueness that defines what a NFT PFP is, and is one of many reasons for their incredibly popularity.
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How do I start making PFPs?

There are a few things you'll need before you can create a PFP project.
1. A WAX wallet, this is what you'll use to login. Everything you create will also be saved using this account. We currently support two wallets, WCW (WAX Cloud Wallet) and Anchor.
2. All the pieces of your project. While we help you automate the creation of 1000s of PFPs, we do not provide the art. It's your artistic touch that will create the truly unique digital art
3. Access to an IPFS pinning service. This is where you'll upload all of the layers you create, that way they can be easily slotted into the PFP editor. We suggest giving Pinata a try.
We also have a tutorial to help get you going!

Do I need to know how to code?

Absolutely not. Our tools were designed to require zero coding experience. We'll take you from designing to selling your NFT creations on any of the various WAX NFT marketplaces (like Chain Champs!).

Who owns the artwork?

Assuming that you owned the artwork used to create the PFPs you made (which you should), you will continue to own the artwork afterwards along with all the NFT art generated with the PFP maker.

What's an NFT Maker?

This is a fun little distinction. Our PFP Maker isn't an NFT Maker, although we also provide tools to make NFTs. The PFP Maker takes your art, and turns it into potentially 1000s of generative art pieces. These art pieces can then be imported into an NFT Maker and then be minted on the chain of your choosing. However, our PFP Maker is closely integrated with our NFT Maker tools, to allow you to easily deploy your PFP Project to the WAX blockchain and start selling immediately!

Why WAX?

We designed our PFP Maker to make minting to the WAX blockchain incredibly simple. When picking a blockchain, we had a few requirements.
1. Environmental sustainability - WAX is carbon neutral and prides itself on being clean and sustainable
2. Speed. WAX was designed to be fast, and currently boasts more than 15 million daily transactions.
3. Ease of use. A lot of other blockchains have insane gas fees. WAX doesn't have any gas fees.
Combine all of this, and it's pretty obvious why we chose WAX.

Do you support other blockchains?

This is one of the most common questions we get. "Do you support the Ethereum Blockchain?", and then replace "Ethereum", with almost anything else.

When it comes to minting your PFP NFTs - no. However, a PFP Maker is not an NFT Maker. Our PFP Maker is blockchain agnostic, so you can make your PFPs, and then do whatever you want with them. Our NFT Maker, is currently locked to WAX.

What size are the PFPs?

There is not currently a size limit for PFPs. We suggest keeping all of the files under 10MB. This is because the size of the files directly impacts how long it takes to generate.

There are also no requirements on the dimensions of the images you use. The only requirement for your layers is that they're all exactly the same size. If your layers are not the same size, you will not be able to generate PFPs.